What Is A Seat?

  • Each seat is a 10 second ad.

  • Each TV has 90 seats available that will play over a 15-minute time period before starting over.

  • Multiple seats can be stacked to provide more play time during the 15 minutes and to provide an ad longer than 10 seconds.

  • Seats can be moved between locations at any time.

  • Once a TV has 90 seats filled an additional TV will be added at that location and ads will be split evenly among them.

  • Each seat comes with 1 free ad creation by our in-house graphic design team.

  • Additional ad creation/modification will be billed at our ad creation per hour rate of $65.

  • Ads can be exchanged with different ads an unlimited amount of times at no additional charge however, additional ad creation or modifications will be charged at our ad creation rate.

  • Ad changes will all be made in under 24 hours if no ad creation is needed. Ad creation timelines are depended on the level of complexity of the ad being created, but ads can typically be created and proofed in under 48 hours.


Pricing Options | Prices listed below are per seat per year


  • 1 Seat and 1 Ad Creation

    • ​$250/Seat/Year​​


  • Purchase 10 Seats or More and Get 10 Ad Creations & a 5% Discount on Each Seat

    • $237.50/Seat/Year


  • Purchase 25 Seats or More and Get Unlimited Ad Creations & a 15% Discount on Each Seat

    • $212.50/Seat/Year​

  • Purchase 50 Seats or More and Get Unlimited Ad Creations & a 25% Discount on Each Seat

    • $187.50/Seat/Year​


  • For Purchases of 100 Seats or More Please Call for a Custom Quote

    • Call for Custom Quote​

  • Example of Pricing: 6 Seats at $250/Seat/Year = $1,500 Per Year

Ad Creation Rates | Rates not included in the prices above

  • Ad Creation Hourly Rate

    • $65/Hour​